Behavioural Consultations and Training Sessions

Techniques and Handling Methods

The training techniques and behavior modification methods used by us are designed to be kind, fair, force-free and non-aversive. Harsh handling of dogs, physical force and the use of punitive methods/punishment/corrections or equipment designed to be aversive (including choke chains, check chains, prong collars, spray collars, e-collars or any other device deemed unacceptable by the trainer/behaviourist) are not to be used.

Payment, Refunds, and Cancellations

Any Behavioural Consultation Services must be paid for at the point of booking the allotted time and date.

Statutory 14 Day Consumer Contract Regulations

If you choose to cancel a booking within 14 calendar days of receiving your booking confirmation, you are entitled to a full refund.

Cancellations, re-arranged bookings, and refunds in circumstances outside the 14-day cancellation period are subject to the terms and conditions as set out below, in accordance with our standard terms. For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the date of the order confirmation.

If you are booking a service to start within 14 days (i.e. within the statutory cancellation period), we will require express permission from you to start providing the service before the cancellation period ends. You can grant this permission by accepting our Terms and Conditions during the booking process. If you decide to cancel the contract partway through a package, you will be liable to pay us an amount detailed in our Standard Cancellation Policy below at the point you communicated your decision to cancel, in comparison to full coverage of the contract.

You will not have the right to cancel a contract where the services have been fully performed.

Standard Cancellation and Refund Policy

Planned Behavioural Consultation sessions can be re-arranged or refunded in full with at least 2 weeks' notice. With between 2 weeks' and 1 week's notice, a 50% refund will be given (plus any travel costs paid for but not incurred). With less than 1 week's notice, no refunds will be given, and a new session will need to be booked.

In the event that we have to cancel a session with you due to unforeseen circumstances, such as adverse weather/illness/emergency, we will make every effort to reschedule your session to another mutually convenient time. If this is not possible, we will refund you for the cost of the session.

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Monthly Plans

If you are using the monthly plan service, it must be paid for 1 month in advance - you will be sent an invoice for this. If you decide that you no longer wish to have the plan, we must have 1 week's notice. You will still be liable for the full current month cost should you wish to cancel partway through a month.


We ask that, unless previously agreed with us, all dogs are kept away from the front door, contained in another room, when we first arrive please. Depending on the issue, you may be asked to take additional steps to ensure safety (and also allow controlled observation of your dog’s behaviour) during a Behaviour Consultation. For example, if your dog is reactive to (or fearful of) people entering the home, you may be asked to keep them contained in another room until a specific point during the consultation. In any case, if you have any concerns about your dog’s behaviour towards visitors, yourself or anyone else present at the consultation (including other dogs) or are concerned that they may cause injury, it is entirely your responsibility to take all necessary steps (eg. muzzling the dog and/ or keeping them on the lead) to prevent this from happening. It is essential that you take sensible safety precautions and then discuss how and when the dog should be introduced during the consultation rather than take risks. You will be advised during the discussion how and when the dog(s) may be safely introduced to the room in which the consultation is taking place. If your dog has ever bitten a person or other animal, you must report this to us before the Behaviour Consultation takes place so that we can advise you accordingly. Any instances of accident or injury occurring during the consultation must be reported to us at the time they occur.

Veterinary Care and Medical Issues

We work on a vet referrals basis only for a full behavioural consultation. This means that you need your vet to fill in our referral form and return to us along with the medical records for your pet. This should not cost you anything (vets and behaviourists work together as a matter of professional courtesy). In some cases, your vet check may ask to see the dog to rule out potential medical causes before the behaviour consultation takes place or prior to embarking on a behaviour modification programme. If, during or after the consultation, it is felt by us that a (further) veterinary check is advisable, it will be your responsibility to ensure that this is carried out before embarking on any behaviour modification strategies suggested at the consultation, as advised. We also reserve the right to communicate with your Veterinary Surgeon about your pet(s) at any time if we deem this to be necessary or helpful. If your pet has any known allergies or intolerances to certain foods or has any other special/medical needs, it is your responsibility to bring this to our attention prior to the start of the session.


Children are welcome to be present at Behaviour Consultations, although due to the nature of the discussions that will be taking place, this may not always be appropriate. It is the responsibility of the parents/carers to determine whether or not it would be helpful or appropriate for any children/other family members to be present at any point. It is important that at least one adult is able to give their full attention to the discussion throughout. We accept no responsibility for children and it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure children are safe and their well-being is protected at all times whether before, during or after the Behaviour Consultation.

Privacy and Marketing

Photographs of your dog may, with your permission, be taken. Such photos may be used by us for record keeping and/or marketing purposes. If you do not wish for photographs of you and/or your dog to be taken, used or shared, please just let us know. Any written feedback (eg. by email or on feedback forms) may be used for marketing purposes (for example, posted on the website). Only the first name of the person will be used as identification. If you are not happy for us to use your feedback in this way, please just let us know. Permission must be granted by us before any photography or videography of training/behaviour sessions with Heather Thomas Behaviour Consultant Ltd takes place.

Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

I understand that working with dogs and modifying behavior poses a risk of injury. I agree to ensuring that necessary steps are taken at all times to prevent injury to myself, my dog(s), and others, including the use of a muzzle and avoidance of situations that might trigger aggressive behavior. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Heather Thomas or Heather Thomas Behavioural consultant Ltd against any and all losses, liabilities, judgments, awards, and costs (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of, or related to, any claim of injury to persons or property of any kind, whether before, during, or after the consultation and when implementing suggested techniques with my dog(s).

Webinars and Remote Support

These Terms and Conditions apply to any and all Webinars and Remote Support. Please note that payment for services and engaging in a Webinar or Remote Support Consultation both also imply full agreement with these Terms and Conditions.


We reserve the right to prohibit entry or eject any person from the Webinar based on behavior deemed inappropriate by Heathers Thomas behavior Ltd staff and/or its agents and others working under its authority.

Recordings of Online Sessions

During online consultations and training sessions, we are able to send you the recordings after the session so you can look back through them over again and again. These recordings must not be used and shown to anyone else and not to be used for any other dogs. The recordings remain the property of Heather Thomas Behavioural Consultant Ltd. By having a video recording, you express permission to us to use such videos in marketing and training scenarios - If you would prefer to opt out of this, you must let us know in writing.