Should I re-home my dog?

Should I re-home my dog

It is not easy to come to a decision to rehome your dog, however its sometimes necessary!

Before you consider rehoming due to your dog’s behaviour try to engage a CCAB behaviourist instead that can help you work through any issues and give you sound advice on what would be best for your dog’s future.

Rehoming a dog is a very big decision and there are a variety of reason why some people rehome their dog. As a pet professional there are cases that I see where the best option for everyone is to find a new home for the particular dog.

Reasons why people rehome their dogs:


The cost of owning a dog shouldn’t be taken lightly, the vets fees and general day to day costs add up and affordability is a top reason why people may give up their dog. If money is your issue, then you may be eligible for financial help through one of the welfare charities such as RSPCA.


Some people rehome due to behavioural issues that they struggle with. If your dog is experiencing behavioural issues its best to rule out all medical issues first and then engage with a fully qualified CCAB behaviourist to help you.

Medical issues with Owner

Some owners become poorly and physically unable to support their dogs. If this is an issue for you, why not get help with a dog professional to walk and attend to your pooches needs. Asking friends and family to help you out at this time will be beneficial too!

Medical Issues with the Dog

Some people struggle to accommodate both with time and money the medical needs for a dog. Some charities may be able to help you with costs, also the majority of vets offer payment plans that can help you spread the costs. Most vets also have a health club where your bills may be reduced and monthly treatments can be spread over the year.


Sometimes people have to relocate and downsize or live somewhere where it isn’t practical for a dog to live. If this is your problem then you may be able to find different solutions, getting a day care while you are out for example, sharing your dog with a family member or friend can also be an option.

Life changes

Divorce, career change and new babies are all reasons why some people give up their dogs. Sometimes we go through bad times in our lives and need some support, think of a long-term dog foster carer or someone that can provide respite enabling you to keep your dog.