Panas and Dias questionnaire


Question 1: Your dog is rarely frightened

Question 2: Your dog becomes very excited when it is about to go for a walk (e.g. when it sees its lead, or when it hears \"walkies\", etc.)

Question 3: Your dog is easily startled by noises and / or movements

Question 4: Your dog is very persistent in its efforts to get you to play

Question 5: Your dog shows little interest in its surroundings

Question 6: Your dog appears nervous and / or jumpy for several minutes after it has been startled

Question 7: Your dog is easily excited

Question 8: Your dog has a specific fear or phobia

Question 9: Your dog tries to escape from the garden

Question 10: Your dog appears calm in noisy, crowded places

Question 11: Your dog is full of energy

Question 12: Your dog is frightened by noises from the television or radio

Question 13: Your dog usually appears relaxed

Question 14: Your dog is lazy

Question 15: Your dog adapts quickly to changes in its environment (eg. being cared for by different people, moving house or a family member leaving home)

Question 16: Your dog appears afraid of the vacuum cleaner or any other familiar household appliance

Question 17: Your dog requires a great deal of encouragement to take part in energetic activities

Question 18: Your dog persists in being naughty despite being told off for the behaviour

Question 19: Your dog appears calm in unfamiliar environments

Question 20: Your dog is very boisterous

Question 21: Your dog appears unsettled by changes to its routine (e.g. if it is not fed at the usual time, if it is left alone for longer than usual)

Question 22: My dog shows extreme physical signs when excited (e.g. drooling, panting, raising hackles, urination, licking lips, widening of eyes.

Question 23: When my dog gets very excited it can lead to fixed repetitive behaviour (i.e. an action that is repeated in the same way over and over again), such as tail chasing or spinning around in circles.

Question 24: I would consider my dog to be very impulsive (i.e. has sudden, strong urges to act; acts without forethought; acts without considering effects of actions)

Question 25: My dog doesn\'t like to be approached or hugged

Question 26: My dog becomes aggressive (e.g. growl, snarl, snap, bite) when excited

Question 27: My dog appears to be \'sorry\' after it has done something wrong

Question 28: My dog does not think before it acts (e.g. would steal food without first looking to see if someone is watching)

Question 29: My dog can be very persistent (e.g. will continue to do something even if it knows it will get punished or told off)

Question 30: My dog may become aggressive (e.g. growl, snarl, snap, bite) if frustrated with something

Question 31: My dog is easy to train

Question 32: My dog is not keen to go into new situations

Question 33: My dog takes a long time to lose interest in new things

Question 34: My dog calms down very quickly after being excited

Question 35: My dog appears to have a lot of control over how it responds

Question 36: My dog is very interested in new things and new places

Question 37: My dog reacts very quickly

Question 38: My dog is not very patient (e.g. gets agitated waiting for its food, or waiting to go out for a walk)

Question 39: My dog seems to get excited for no reason