Golden Rules for Puppy Owners…

So you have a new puppy? You need some advice but dont want to read all of the many conflicting advice about how to bring them up? If you dont read anything else, please take a moment to read this….. puppy

1) Never punish your puppy this includes any verbal reprimands, punishment may stop behaviour, but it also creates fear and supresses that behaviour. Punishing your puppy will also weaken the bond you have- you will no longer be trusted and this may make your training journey difficult.

2) Always ensure your puppy has a safe place to rest. Puppies need lots of sleep, they are growing super-fast and they are getting so many new experiences that they must get down time too! Give your puppy a safe place away from everyone that they can rest in, make sure that its warm and comfortable but that it also has water and toys too.

3) Ensure the welfare of your puppy is met, your puppy has basic needs that you need to meet- this is not just food and water. They also have emotional needs that may impact their welfare if they are not met. Make sure you spend enough time with your puppy and that they have access to the outdoors with plenty of stimulation and exercise opportunities across the day.

4) Listen to your puppy- if they are not happy about something do not force them closer to it. Puppies can be fearful from time to time, this is totally normal. Let them be fearful let them learn at their pace, build their confidence with new things on their terms. Forcing your puppy to do something they are not happy with will only make the fear stronger.

5) Play – play strengthens the bonds and ensures learning, play is vital for your puppy. Not only will your puppy learn lots whilst playing, you and your puppy will have lots of fun too!! Go play with your puppy!! P.s tug of war will not make your puppy more likely to hurt anyone- it’s a great game and I often lose when I play with my Chihuahuas… I need to get back to the gym!

6) Training- Make sure you train every day with your puppy even if only for 10 minutes, training is crucial and its life long. Most people think that once you have trained your puppy that’s it you’re done. Well no, sorry I hate to break it to you- You need to train your bundle of joy for its entire life now! Training doesn’t need to be hard work though and even the most hectic people can squeeze in a few minutes! If you are struggling for ideas feel free to drop me a message!