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Heather has written a series of Behaviour blogs for you to enjoy. She hopes you find them interesting and informative. The majority of these mainly covers dogs and cat behaviour, however she will cover any animal related topics. If you would like to suggest a blog please contact her. She
14th November 2023

Should I re-home my dog?

It is not easy to come to a decision to rehome your dog, however its sometimes necessary! Before you consider rehoming due to your dog’s behaviour […]
16th October 2023

Trainer and Behaviour regulation

At the moment there is no regulation for behaviourists and trainers in the UK. This means that anyone could call themselves a trainer or behaviourist and […]
17th January 2023

Dog attacks – how to keep yourself safe

From Dog groomers to behaviourists, we are all at risk! Are you doing enough to keep yourself safe?  The recent event in January 2023 of a […]
9th September 2022

Wilmas Phantom Pregnancy

I wanted to talk to everyone about Wilma’s story because I am hoping I may be able to help some of you on a similar journey! […]
9th March 2021

Separation Anxiety Tips

Going back to work soon? Use this handy blog to help your dog cope at home alone! My top five tips on addressing separation anxiety for […]
9th March 2021

New puppy vaccine protocol

As we are all in a lockdown, I wanted to highlight something that has been brought to my attention and if you have a puppy at […]
6th January 2021

Online Training, is it worth it?

As lockdown 3.0 is bedding in and we are all changing things again. I wanted to write something about online dog training and behaviour, recently I […]
16th November 2020

Is your dog worried when they are home alone?

COVID-19 has and will continue to impact our lives and that of our pets going forward, you may have already noticed that your dog is a […]
29th June 2020

Puppies and the Heat

I am Heather Thomas and I am a qualified behaviourist based in Bath, I am hoping that these small articles will help you to understand more […]