Need help with your business or Behaviour consults??

Heather Thomas, Certificated Clinic Animal Behaviourist, can help.


I know and understand how difficult it is when running a business, juggling a work-life balance, and staying focused on progression can be a huge strain.

My new business venture is offering support for business owners in the animal care sector. I have designed a variety of packages based on my experience of what a good business needs.   You may feel, however, that you do not need a whole package and rather just some guidance on certain areas of your business, or just a second opinion? I can help with this too, by providing a bespoke quote, one off mentoring and package to suit you and your needs, so please get in touch if the packages listed are not what you are looking for.

If you have already started out in business and just need some advice and guidance from someone that is able to help with the smooth running of a business, or has the animal behaviour expertise that you are needing to help support your journey need help with growth or marketing I am able to help. I do offer business advice online too.

Behaviour Mentoring £49 per month (minimum sig up 3 months):

Need help with cases or some advice to boost your confidence? I can help you! I offer a range of services for Behaviourists starting our into the industry from just a chit chat running things by me to supporting you through cases and offering training about specific business, behavioural consult content, report writing or coaching skills. 

-Includes 1 online catch up per week 1 case support per month and WhatsApp group support with a monthly discussion topic, access to support via WhatsApp continuously.

Dog Walker and Handler Training £500

From dog law to the best collars and leads to use for your company, I offer a dog walking training program 20 hours, across 10 working days which includes shadowing experience with my existing company and team.

This course includes:

  • Health and safety- what you need, your obligations and documents to support your company.
  • Laws and legislation- everything you need to know about dog law and legislation.
  • Practical dog walking training- practical training and shadowing in all aspects of dog walking. From managing groups of dogs to providing enrichment for young puppies and stimulation on solo walks.
  • Pet first aid course and certificate of completion.
  • Incident reporting procedures and how to deal with emergencies.
  • Vehicles- which vehicles suit you and your company best, what your vehicle needs and how to keep you customers dogs safe in transportation.
  • Behaviour- As a qualified behaviourist I am able to teach you how to manage specific behaviour problems and overcome any behavioural issues.