Heather Thomas - Dog Behaviourist and Trainer

As a qualified dog behaviourist and dog trainer with over a decade of experience with dog handling and animal behaviour, Heather is able to offer one to one behavioural consults and dog training sessions to owners with pets that are experiencing some difficulties. Heather can help you when you are experiencing problem behaviour with your dog or cat such as dog barking at people, aggression with other dogs to cat spraying in the home. Heather is also an experienced and highly qualified dog trainer and offers 1-1 dog training sessions across Bath and surrounding areas. Heather can help with general dog obedience such as walking to heel and coming back when called or she can help you with setting your new puppy on the right paws with puppy training sessions in the comfort of your own home! 

Alongside this Heather has become an advocate in the industry helping out various authorities and regulatory bodies with writing standards and protocols for the animal industry and assessing dogs when needed. Heather also assists with other businesses and companies to help educate and inspire others in the world of animal behaviour by providing a business mentoring and coaching service. Heather’s approach is kind, force free and scientifically up-to-date.

Why choose Heather?

  • Over 20 years of experience working with animals 
  • Up to date science based kind methods are used for all of the programs and sessions 
  • Highly qualified up to MSc 
  • Working on success rate and will never give up on an animal 
  • APBC and CCAB registered and recommended by vets 
  • Most insurance companies will allow you to claim any costs back when using the services (check your policy)
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What is the difference between a behaviourist and a trainer?

A behaviourist is someone that is qualified to tackle issues you are experiencing with your animal. Behaviourists look at the whole picture and are able to diagnose behavioural issues with the presenting problems, history and so on. A behaviourist will design a behavioural modification programme to help out and your animal get on track and change behaviour. Behaviourists carry all of the skill sets that a trainer has and so are able to advise practical individual plans for you and your pet. 

Trainers have a skill set to help you train your pet, more likely to be helpful to train a specific task or prevent any further behavioural issues. I can help train your dog to recall for example, but I wouldn’t be able to help you train your dog to like people if they don’t, this issue is more complex and would require a full behavioural consult and programme.

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